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Pet Grooming Brush

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Elevate Your Pet's Grooming Experience with a Multi-functional Brush

Indulge your pet with a luxurious grooming experience right at home using our innovative grooming brush. Designed for pets of all sizes and fur types, this brush is the ultimate grooming solution. It effortlessly removes tangles, mats, and loose hair, ensuring your pet looks its best while keeping your home fur-free. Its ergonomic design and safe materials make grooming a soothing and enjoyable experience for your furry friend.

🔄 4-in-1 Functionality: This versatile brush combines knot removal, hair shedding reduction, massaging, and cleaning in one tool, offering a full grooming solution.

🌿 Skin-Friendly Materials: Made with high-quality ABS and soft silicone, it’s gentle on your pet's skin, ensuring a safe and comfortable grooming session.

🔄 Double-Sided Design: The front is perfect for pet grooming, while the reverse side effectively removes pet hair from furniture, carpets, and clothing.

💧 Easy to Clean: Designed for simple maintenance, this brush is washable, keeping it hygienic and effective for long-term use.

🐾 Wide Application: Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other pets with varying hair lengths and types, making it an essential tool for all pet owners.

🎨 Color Options: Available in appealing blue and pink, adding a touch of style to your pet care routine.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Choose the appropriate side of the brush based on your pet's hair length.
  2. Gently brush your pet's fur, following the direction of hair growth.
  3. Use the reverse side to remove pet hair from textiles and furniture.

Optimal Usage Tips:

  • Regular grooming with this brush helps reduce shedding and keeps your pet's fur smooth and tangle-free.
  • Use the brush as part of a regular grooming routine for the best results.

Safety Warnings:

  • Always use the brush gently to avoid hurting your pet’s skin.
  • Inspect the brush regularly for any damage and replace it if necessary.


  • Material: ABS Plastic + Soft Silicone
  • Available Colors: Blue, Pink
  • Dimensions: As shown in the picture
  • Quantity Options: Single brush or brush set with wipes

Package Contents:

  • 1 x 4mm Long Brush Or
  • 1 x 4mm Long Brush Set with 100PCS Wipes Or
  • 1 x Wipes 100PCS