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Tumbler Swing Toys

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Engage your feline friend in hours of playful excitement with our Interactive Cat Toy featuring Interchangeable Heads

This delightful pet accessory is designed to captivate your cat's curiosity and provide endless entertainment, making it an essential addition to any cat owner's collection. Watch as your furry companion pounces, swats, and chases with enthusiasm, stimulated by the variety of interchangeable feather heads. Each head offers a unique texture, shape, and movement, mimicking the unpredictable motion of real prey.


AUTOMATIC CAT TOYS: The cat toy works as a robotic, it can smartly play with your indoor cat when you are out.

CAT FEATHER TOYS: There are various accessories to keep cats fresh every day, you can set your cat to chase feathers or plush chick someday and chase flying bird and charmer toys another day, keeping cats feeling fresh all the time.

Automatic Interactive Cat Smart Sensor Robot Electronics Pen Teaser Auto  Play USB

UNIQUE DESIGNED: Interactive cat toys with no electric drive, physical-mechanical design, with a gravity module at the bottom, cat toys can freely swing back and forth without falling down; cat toys can move with the external force of the cat, or can be moved by the self-weight force generated by the main body swing!

TWO WAYS TO PLAY: When the cat toy is erected, the main body swings back and forth to attract the cat to play. When the cat toy is placed horizontally, the toy can rotate like a turntable, attracting the attention and interest of the cat to play

TWO TOY ATTACHMENTS: The cat ball at the top is shaken and rotated forward and backwards by the main body; A catnip ball is built in the middle to help the cat discharge the hairball.

Robotic Interactive Electronic Usb Charger Smart Rolling Pet Cat Toy Funny  Moving Cat Tail For Pet | Fruugo NL

SAFETY MATERIAL: The product is made of high-quality ABS material, so you don't worry about the cat toy ball being scratched or bitten by the cat, which is sturdy, anti-wear and durable for your cat playing.

SATISFIED SERVICE: Cat toys interactive is suitable for indoor cats, but also suitable for puppies the same size as cats; If you have any issues with toys, please contact us in time, Your satisfaction is our priority.

Product Information:

Colour classification: Cat-running robot
Material: ABS
Size: 11.5*7*18cm
Colour: white grey

Packing List:

Funny cat robot*1