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Cat Dog Bowl With Stand

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Enhance Your Pet's Dining Experience with the Elevated Cat Dog Bowl With Stand"

Introduce your pet to a more comfortable and hygienic way of eating with our Cat Dog Bowl With Stand – designed for stability, convenience, and style!

Elevate your pet's mealtime with the Cat Dog Bowl With Stand. This innovative feeding solution combines functionality with style. The 15° tilt design aligns perfectly with your pet's natural feeding posture, supporting their cervical spine and preventing chin staining. Crafted from high-quality, food-grade PET material, it's safe, non-toxic, and built to last. The bowl's high-temperature resistance and sturdy triangular base ensure durability and stability, making it an ideal choice for the most active pets.

🍽️ Ergonomic Tilt Design: A 15° tilted angle provides a comfortable eating position, safeguarding your pet's cervical spine health.

🌿 Food-grade material: Made of safe, non-toxic PET, offering durability and resistance to high temperatures.

🐾 Hygienic Eating Surface: Prevents bacterial growth and chin staining for a healthier feeding experience.

🥘 Generous Capacity: Large bowl size caters to your pet's appetite, ensuring they're well-fed even when you're away.

🔺 Sturdy Triangular Base: The base provides exceptional stability, preventing spills and toppling during mealtime.

🌈 Aesthetic Colors: Available in Muff Green, Rock Yellow, Rose-red, and Sakura powder, adding a touch of elegance to your pet's feeding area.

Usage Instructions:

  • Place the bowl on its stand securely.
  • Fill with your pet's favorite food or water.
  • Clean regularly to maintain hygiene.

Optimal Usage Tips:

  • Ideal for pets prone to joint issues or digestive discomfort.
  • Perfect for busy pet owners who want to ensure their pets have access to food all day.

Safety Warnings:

  • Do not microwave or expose to extreme heat sources.
  • Supervise young pets during use to ensure they adapt safely to the new bowl.


  • Material: PET
  • Available Colors: Muff Green, Rock Yellow, Rose-red, Sakura powder
  • Size: Standard (appropriate for most pet sizes)

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Cat Dog Bowl With Stand